Life can be a lot to handle sometimes. In the blink of an eye, things can happen that irrevocably change our lives–divorce, job loss, a cancer diagnosis, the death of a loved one, and so much more. Most often, it is the many day-to-day, accumulating stressors that overwhelm us and push us past our current ability to cope. Often, this is where individuals build negative coping strategies and let self care fall to the wayside.

This is where Wholistic Wellness steps in to provide the help you need.

Wholistic Wellness is a private practice that specializes in providing clients with clinical mental health counseling and health coaching services. Services are delivered through a wholistic lens that treats the whole person, honoring the mind, body, spirit connection.

If you are in that place where hope, happiness, and the life you would like to live seems impossible to reach, I can help. Individuals who are dedicated to changing their lives will find the care and support needed to overcome hardships and grow their mental, emotional, and physical health at Wholistic Wellness.


Achieving wellness requires an integrative approach that recognizes the full human experience. What affects the mind intrinsically affects the body, and vise versa. In order to build a fulfilling, sustainable life that provides happiness and resilience, intentional work must be done congruently on mind body health.